HHOF, Fontaine Trophy

HHOF; The Fontaine Trophy, Women’s Worlds Special

The Hockey Hall of Fame (HHOF) in Toronto had a little gift arrive last week.

You probably haven’t heard of it because the NHL doesn’t hand it out and it doesn’t involve anyone named Smythe, Norris, or Calder.

It’s the Henri Fontaine Trophy.


“Anytime the Hockey Hall of Fame is able to preserve hockey history it’s a great day for hockey,” said HHOF curator Phil Pritchard, also known as The Keeper of the (Stanley) Cup. “This trophy will be an excellent addition to our collection.”

The Fontaine Trophy just happened to be sitting around the office of the Hershey (Pennsylvania) Bears of the American Hockey League and no one really knew why. Until a history buff meandered into the office and decided to do a little research.

He saw the trophy in the team’s administration office mixed in with some others, and found out that at one point or another it had been used as a candy dish. Not exactly the treatment one would expect for the championship hardware of the Canadian-American Hockey League (C-AHL), the precursor to the AHL.

The league included a maximum of six teams from 1926 to 1938 with representatives from both countries.

IMG 0969

It’s hard to read the team names on the plate unless you’re up close and personal, but one can make out the Providence Reds and the Springfield Indians.

It’s believed the Hershey Bears ended up with the trophy because they were three-time champions of the Eastern Hockey League, one that merged with the offspring of the C-AHL in 1938.

HHOF Ladies

A new exhibit at the Hockey Hall of Fame will focus entirely on the development and history of women’s hockey. Here’s the information straight from the horse’s, or in the case, the organization’s mouth.

“Hockey Hall of Fame to open an exhibit dedicated to the trailblazers of the women’s game chronicling their remarkable journey spanning more than 130 years. Just under 100 artifacts will be installed to tell their story. The collection includes a Toronto club league trophy from the 1920’s to the more recent, a 2021 PWHPA jersey worn by Metis Jocelyne Larocque, one of the earliest known indigenous athletes to play for the Canadian National Women’s Team. Also featuring a silverware collection showcasing the Clarkson Cup, Abby Hoffman Trophy, Jayna Hefford CWHL MVP Trophy and Angela James Bowl for CWHL top scorer.

Angela James (2010) and Jayna Hefford (2018), both Honoured Members of the HHOF, will be on hand for the media splash this Tuesday at 10 am Toronto time. Eight current world championship athletes from four different countries will also be in attendance, including Sarah Fillier and Danielle Serdachny from Team Canada.

Canada is hosting the 2023 Women’s World Championships in Brampton, Ontario starting this Wednesday.

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Rob Simpson

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